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Advertizing on puts your business, services and products right in the faces of over 60 million of our online viewers- your customers.

Advertizing with us leverages on our unique content and insight, which keeps our website visitors enthralled and constantly returning for more, to make your product extremely visible.

We are experts in brand marketing, personal branding, product and service advertizing in online, TV and radio media.

Further advert avenues are available via the fabulosGloria Instagram -;

We offer various advertizing avenues on this website and they are all tailored to suit your needs.

  • 1
    Sponsored Post/advertorial. ( click here for a sample)
  • 2
    Non-rotating advert (appears on every page + home page)
  • 3
    Rotating advert (this advert is in a queue with other adverts and appears in a particular order with the opening of each page)


Advert/Week Advert/Month Advert/Year
Sponsored Post N25,000 - -
Non-Rotating (home page only) N20,000 N70,000 N800,000
Non-Rotating (Content page only) N15,000 N50,000 N550,000
Non-Rotating( Home + Content Page) N30,000 N115,000 N1,330,000
Rotating adverts (home page only) N15,000 N55,000 N620,000
Rotating adverts (content page only) N12,000 N45,000 N500,000
Rotating adverts (Home and content page only) N22,000 N80,000 N900,000
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FabulosGloria can also appear on promotions, TV adverts etc however this is negotiated

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