The married woman at the club

26 January, 2017
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The phenomenon of clubbing has changed in recent years. No longer is it viewed with a tint of waywardness, criminality and as a ne’er do well as it were. 

However in some quarters, clubbing is still viewed with reservations hence the situation when a married father of two, who was at the club late at night, was uncomfortable when he encountered his wife’s bossom friend at the same club.

The conversation between him and his wife became if it was appropriate for her married friend to be in the club at that time of the night without her husband.

The wife asked “what makes this lifestyle more appropriate for you?”

So here are the thought provoking questions

Is it Inappropriate for a married woman to go to the club?

Is the club a man’s domain?

Finally, as a man would you be comfortable with your wife being at the club?

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