The Ex-Factor: Is it Right to stay friends with your Ex?

24 January, 2017
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My husband and I dated on-again off-again for almost 15 years before we got married in 2011. Back then whenever we would take a break from each other we would date other people briefly before getting back together again. So by the time we got married, we had left many exes on our trail.

Interestingly we have remained friends with our exes mostly me. Some of my exes are even close family friends who visit us and we visit them. However, many have objected to our “platonic” relationships with our exes saying it could pose a threat to our marriage at some time.

This has left me wondering if it is appropriate be friends with an ex especially when you’ve moved on?

Under what circumstances would that be Ok?

Would you be Ok with your partner staying friends with his/her ex?

C’mon people lets talk about this

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