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25 February, 2017
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This is a True Story

Jane and her husband, Mike had been married for 10 years without children. Meanwhile her husband’s identical twin is also married with six children. For years, she and Mike went from one fertility clinic to the other to no avail.

One day, a friend of the family introduced Jane and Mike to a certain doctor who happened to have been a fertility gynecologist for over 50 years. He had practiced in the US but retired to Nigeria to live out his days. On hearing their story, the doctor, Dr Adigun immediately decided to help Jane and her husband conceive. He reassured them that there was a solution to their childlessness and the couple believed him

After series of tests, Dr Adigun revealed to Mike that he was the problem. He told Mike, he had no motile sperms in fact he is medically unable to have children. The doctor advised Mike to convince his wife for them to adopt.

Knowing this will break his wife’s heart; he pleaded with the doctor to not tell his wife but insisted he had a solution.

The solution was weird. He asked the doctor if his win could donate sperm which would be artificially inseminated into Jane so she could conceive. However Jane must never find out it wasn’t Mike’s child or children she would carry.

Though against the ethics of his profession, Dr Adigun agreed to help seeing how desperate Mike was to give his wife children

It was agreed. Mike, his twin brother, Dr Adigun and his nurse Maureen were all in on it. Mike convinced Jane to go through the procedure (Inter-Uterine Insemination) and the miracle happened. Jane conceived after 10 years. She gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. What a miracle. Jane went from an unhappy wife to an elated mother.


Fast forward 8 years later, nurse Maureen finds Jesus Christ. Her pastor tells her to confess all her sins and leave a clean slate. Nurse Maureen remembers the deception she helped perpetrate and decided to find Jane and confess.

She finds Jane on facebook, becomes her friend and ‘DMed’ her for a meet. At the meeting, Nurse Maureen breaks the most atrocious story ever; the news that Jane’s twins were not from her husband but his twin’s. She is utterly devastated. What a betrayal


Please what should Jane do after this revelation?


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