My Books: "How To Be A Gentleman" by John Bridges.

26 February, 2017

 I have never seen a gentleman turned down by a girl/woman/lady. Even the most wayward of women respond to a gentleman .

Who is a gentleman, you might ask?

According to “How To Be A Gentleman- a timely guide to timeless manners” by John Bridges

A gentleman is that man who is confident that he knows how to react APPROPRIATELY to every situation that presents itself.

A gentleman never insults a person knowingly, never engages or takes delight in another person’s embarrassment.

A gentleman knows how to respond to a compliment. Example someone says “hey, nice cloths you have on”. In Nigeria, most responses would be “Ah, this thing? Na manage oo” . This implies that your ‘complimenter has terrible taste in cloths, that’s insulting.

This book gives you the appropriate reply to all of compliments and so much more.

In a nut shell, this book is a compilation of characters and etiquette that make a gentleman, from how to dress, speak, work…… to how to party.

The good thing also about this book is that it also gives women a standard to which to encourage their better halves to aspire to or, if you're still in the market, a standard to demand of your prospective suitors/boyfriend. It may also be a way to vet who you engage in business with.

So, for men, if you want to stand out, improve on yourself or never strike out in approaching a lady, this is the book you should read.

I am married to one of the few Gentlemen I’ve ever met and he endorses this book.

So have fun reading!!!!!

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