How To Save Money Part 1

24 January, 2017

I've always been good at saving money and I thought it was a common trait with everybody until i met my husband. He has a serious problem saving, it's like pulling a tooth from a bad tempered dog to get him to successfully save a kobo.

It has taken years for me to accept this part of him and many more years for us to come up with a way to overcome this.

This article is to help all those like him achieve this seemingly insurmountable fit of saving.The hardest thing to saving is to start but guess what- taking time to read this, you've already taken the first step, so just continue, you'll make it!

So let's go!!!

This is a practical guide that has narrowed saving practices into 8 steps.


Write down all items you spend money on and then put them into categories e.g food, household expendables, daily fuel consumption for cars and generators, water bills , electric bills etc.


According to the categories make a budget by adding cost to them by months or weeks as the case may be. When it's totaled, you'll see how various categories stand against your income. Don't forget expenditures that don't occur as regularly like car maintenance, repairs in the house and replacement of spoilt items! You can estimate how much they'll cost and then split it by the number of months or weeks.


Now in your budget, put in a saving category.

If your expense is so high that you can't get out 10-15 % of your income to save, then it's time to cut back on your spending.... but if you can get up to the above mentioned percentage then you're good. Then try to increase as reasonably as possible the percentage you can save off your income.

However if you can't get up to 10-15% of your income to save, then you may consider cutting back on hanging out, eating out at fast foods, social drinking, buying movies and data, you may consider walking to places you'd normally drive to, shopping at discount stores, putting off power to appliances and rooms you're not using there and then, switching to more power saving appliances and buying quality goods one off, so you won't spend again on the same product.


Create a target for your saving. This I believe is a fundamental secret to saving.

You may decide to save for a new dress/ cloth, rent, a car, for retirement or just to have enough to splurge or travel during the holidays; the Idea is to have a reason, an achievable reason, for saving. It helps

In Part 2, I show you four more steps that can help you inculcate the habit of saving money


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