Up Close With The Comedian popularly known as @Josh2Funny

2 March, 2017

He is the very hilarious comedian known for making hymns out of hit songs while dressed as a woman known as Mama Felicia.

I stumbled on to him in August, 2016. Yes, I remember because I had never seen anything as funny as his videos at the time. I immediately followed him and right now I eagerly await every video as it guarantees to brighten my day by making me laugh hysterically.

The “Mama Felicia” alter ego and appearance is probably what distinguishes him most. Male comedians dressing or imitating women is as old as time however depicting a relatable character is as tough as it gets.

For many Igbos like me, we know and understand “Mama Felicia” so well because somewhere and somehow in our lives and upbringing, we have all encountered a woman as annoying as her. Some are even our mothers. For non-igbos, “Mama Felicia” is the stereotypical Igbo woman.

Put all these together, you will understand why this young man has over 110,000 followers on Instagram and his videos garnering up to 30,000 likes.


Up close this week, we meet the popular Nigerian comedian popularly known as @Josh2Funny aka Mama Felicia


He was born Chibuike Josh Alfred from Orumba North Local government area of Anambra State. He is currently resident in Surulere Lagos where he does online comedy, acting, music production and hosts events as an MC/compere.

After his primary education, he schooled at Arch Bishop Aggey Memorial  Secondary School, ilasamaja, Mushin Lagos. He then proceeded to read Computer Craft at , Lagos. He also studied Federal Science and Technical College (FSTC) for two years and then Performance Art at The QDance Center, Ikoyi, Lagos.


Life as a Comedian

According to Josh Alfred, comedy chose him. He says he has always been funny and silly even as a child. Though he says he had never seen himself as funny, he soon realized people laughed at things he’d say and do.

He got his name “Josh2Funny” after one of his idols Koffi Ayinde Idowu commended him saying “You are just too funny”. Being that his name was Josh, he swapped the “Just” for “Josh” and that’s how he got his stage name Josh2Funny

Though he got a few hosting and acting gigs in Lagos, Josh began to yearn for a bigger platform to showcase his talent. His desire to stand out led him to discover instagram as a stage for his craft. He began to upload videos from his hosting and comedy shows. As people began to respond/like his videos, he needed to keep them glued as well get more people to follow him, so the idea of Mama Felicia was born.


Mama Felicia

Josh had realized instagram was a more accepting platform than life performance where he had to put so much effort to make an impact.

According to him, Mama Felicia was born out of his desire to spice up his acts. He borrowed a female friend’s dress and made a skit. After he received a lot of likes for it, he quickly realized this new alter ego had come to stay but she needed a personality. Felicia, he says, is a popular female name among Igbos. So he chose the name, added ‘mama’ to it and “Mama Felicia” was born.

Mama Felicia’s dress has also gained a life of its own. According to Josh, he needed a definitive identity for her seeing that the idea could be easily replicated. He therefore decided to dress Mama Felicia in just a particular outfit which is the typical Igbo girl church dress.

As for the dress, Josh says a friend of his who is an artist used it for a video shoot after which he simply took it to test run the mama Felicia character. When the personality stuck, he had to remain with the dress.

The Hymns

Josh honestly admits the hymn aspect wasn’t initially his idea instead it originated from another instagram comedian Woli Aroli @officialarole, who performs as a prophet. Josh says Woli had asked him to compliment his act by singing hymns while he performed as a prophet.

Woli posted these videos and they garnered many likes on instagram. With this, Josh quickly realized people enjoyed this aspect of him and began to post more videos of himself singing hymns and it was a hit.

If you’ve ever seen these videos (which you should), you would understand why people like them. Mama Felicia always sings with the quintessential nasal Igbo accent while rolling her eyes and gesticulating.   


Personal Life

Josh is the second child in a family of four. He has an elder brother and two younger sisters. He was born and raised in Lagos.

Josh is 26 years old and celebrates his birthday on December 18th. He is currently single and says he is not searching. This is because he intends to fully focus on his career as a comedian at the moment.

The Future of #Josh2Funny

Josh says he is still finding and discovering more of his comedic abilities as the days go by. However he is sure he will always be a comedian wherever his path may lead. He believes there are still so many more aspects of him yet to be unveiled.  

At the moment, his acting career is taking shape as he is working on several movie projects.

He is also an exceptional compere/MCs and hosts all kinds of occasions. For booking, simply google him or go to his instagram handle @Josh2Funny and see his contacts on his bio.

As for Mama Felicia, Josh says he will keep the character as long as she is stays relevant but reveals that in the entertainment world especially in comedy, variety and spontaneity are the keys to success.

We’ll just have to watch and see literally. Meanwhile go check out his videos on instagram @Josh2Funny


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