Things to Do In Your 20s To Be Successful In Life

28 August, 2017

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These are the things some young and some not so young, but all successful, CEOs and business moguls say that young people should do and be doing in their youth to set the right stage for success in life

1.  Start looking around, start observing things and ways to do them better. Read, observe CEOs, release your curiosity let it guide you and be open minded enough to learn.

Don’t mind if you learn the wrong/useless things, it can be unlearnt or adapted enough to be of use. Most people are born with some qualities that make for perfect CEOs but if no one trains them well, they don’t become CEOs. So even if you are not a born CEO you can learn to be one and it’s a skill you can learn on the job anyways. So learn.

2.  Get formally educated if you can. It is not a prerequisite for success in life but it doesn’t hurt either.

3.  Cultivate the habit of taking risks. Take them now. In your 20s the failures you encounter now will teach you to spot opportunities that are doomed for failure and those that have chances of success. Taking risks now will teach you how to bounce back in case of failure, how to plan for contingencies.

In other words, you will learn how to calculate and mitigate risks while you still have the time and energy for flexibility.

You will learn what works and what doesn’t.

4.  Believe in yourself. Find ways to believe in your ability to do things, to achieve goals. Most defeatist attitude comes from letting your failures consume you. At this age, don’t let that happen, don’t lose hope, use your youthful energy to push through that cloud of gloom. Trust your ability to be versatile, to diversify.

5.  Form strong alliances with the right people, no one gets anywhere meaningful in life alone. Forget the “I am a self made man”, when you critically check their stories, at a point someone supported them out of the blue and it wasn’t solely because of their ideas but also for their personalities. It was the unflinching alliance with those sorts of people that boost them to success. Some alliances also keep you successful. These types are the types that keep your business afloat even when there are other options and alternative businesses, they encourage you with patronage and sincere feedback.

6.  Turn your passion into a money making business, that way you will satisfy the youthful need for fun and also be building your brand. Don’t worry about how little you are making just yet, build the brand/business till it becomes a go-to for that service you are marketing, then you are set for wealth.

7.  Work hard and work smart. CEOs are not lazy, can never be lazy both physically and mentally.

8.  Be respectful of people, ideas, customs, business principles etc. don’t let it rule you, just respect them and know them inside out so you will not run afoul of them.

Those people who will become your customers/clients are mostly guided by those ideas customs, business principles etc. These ideas, principles etc will be your first connection with people, the basis for further interactions, before you can show your maverick.

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