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1 September, 2017

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The Ember months are here again. Are you suffering from Obesity?

Do you wish to look better and feel better?

Do you wish to shed that unnecessary chunk of fat in your body?

Do you know that you could be getting too much exercise all in the bid to lose weight?

Although regular exercise is a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle, do you know that there is such a thing as too much exercise? After all, effective exercise is effective because it is stressful, because it challenges our physiological and propels us to rise to the occasion and improve ourselves by getting stronger, faster and with more lean mass and less body fat.

Taken to the extreme, exercise becomes a chronic stressor and a steady source of cortisol release- makes us insulin resistant and promotes accumulation of belly fat.

Chronic stress in any form can also induce a hypothyroid-like state, where metabolic rate is lowered and weight loss slows or stops altogether, and exercise-induced chronic stress is no different.

I encourage you to add healthy supplements to your weight loss plan today and thank me later. Once upon a time, I, Amaka was weighing over 120kg but today I am @ 75kg. Thanks to Forever Living products.

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