How To Prepare For Wealth

24 September, 2017

I am sure you’ve seen or heard some people say “ this man use to have money, I don’t know what happened to him”

I have taken the time to investigate this phenomenon and have truly found an astonishing number of cases of people who were once rich but lost it.

Apart from some rare cases of people who had real incidences, like health issues and other life issues siphon all their money, what most of these “once-rich” people had was just cash, ONLY CASH!!

Now, sustained cash inflow amongst other things transcends to wealth, and you don’t lose wealth!!!

But the key to being wealthy is to be prepared for it, before it even starts showing up: before you start making money.

If you are not prepared, YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOU”VE MADE, EVENTUALLY!!!

I was told by some of these wealthy people that this preparation is not a one-off thing but a lifestyle.

You may be at that point in your life where you are just about to start making money, I WANT YOU TO STOP NOW!!!! Take your time to prepare for that money, so that you can convert it to wealth and make it unending.

I will talk about these lifestyle tit bits I have been told that helps convert money, cash, into wealth here now.

It starts with

-         Having a craft and becoming a brand. You should be known for something that can be paid for

-         Imbibe integrity. In every facet of your life be known for your word.  Let people be able to bet on your word, let your yes be yes, your no be no, don’t disappoint people. 

-         Go out of your way to provide exclusive service. Find a niche and go that extra mile. Do what others are afraid to do. Its different from being a brand in the sense that there maybe other brands similar to yours but in this, just be a trailblazer. Do that new thing that others can’t or are afraid to do, it’s a sure fire way of creating wealth.

-         Take calculated risks. In blazing a new trail, calculate your risks, find out possible pitfalls and make plans to avoid them. Forsee the worst case scenario and plan for it. 

-         Be consistent.

-         Be educated. Get improvement courses in your field. Get new and emerging information in your field. Information is everything 

-         Money brags but wealth shows. Minimise bragging and let your wealth speak for you.

-         Always be nice but firm and don’t suffer fools lightly. Demand the same quality you are giving in service, goods and relationships 

-         Maintain relationships. No one exists in a vaccum, friends and family will help you create your wealth and maintain it. However, Be careful of whom you associate with. It is not only about their ideas and outlook in life impacting yours, it is also about how you are perceived while you are with them. This is not to say you should abandon your friends and family when you become wealthy however if their values and ideologies conflict with your brand then they shouldn’t be part of your inner circle. Perception is everything.

-         Don’t indulge in excess. Excessive Drinking, excessive shopping, over sleeping and other such habits take valuable time and you know once time passes it can’t be regained. (Note that I do not ignore that we all have bad habits, some of which can help relieve stress- people are wired different, just don’t overindulge)

-         Be spiritually on the right side in all things, no matter your religion and beliefs. Read about the laws of nature, it really does have an effect.

-         Its important to note that wealth attracts wealth. Its not out of pride but you should learn to spend time with people wealthier and smarter than you. You’ll learn so much and grow.

-         Do good to others.  A sure way to secure your wealth is to invest in people. Help, donate time and resources to others, be kind to others, reach out and touch lives with your money. Remember “givers never lack”

-         Finally and most importantly wealth, by definition, is meant to last generations so pass on your knowledge on wealth to the people around you. Teach, inspire, motivate and mentor the young ones around you to carry on your legacy. Aside from that, passing this wealth knowledge along ensures you don't keep working all the time, on every aspect of your business alone. you can also get inputs, different perspectives frpm people you can trust their judgement because you molded them in your image.



These are my own basic tips of maintaining your wealth.

You may wonder if I am wealthy. I may not have the cash right now but I am growing in the knowledge that will eventually create wealth which includes cash.

Start now to imbibe the ones you can and keep in mind those ones you can’t implement right now with a view to incorporating them into your life when the time is right.

Meanwhile, here is a video to inspire you while as you prepare to be wealthy


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