Young Boy Beaten To Death With Hammer By Mum's Pedophile Boyfriend While Protecting Little Sister

27 September, 2017

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An 8-year-old Sacramento boy has died after sacrificing his life to save his sister from a sexual predator.
Third grader, Dante Daniels, died six days after being brutally beaten by his mother’s ex-boyfriend, 23-year-old Deandre Chaney Jr., after he tried to protect his 7-year old sister from being molested by Chaney.
Chaney attacked Daniels with a hammer and reportedly used a knife on the little girl.
“This guy beat my grandson with a hammer. Down to his spine. They couldn’t save his brain,” said Dante’s grandmother, Monique Brown Thursday to Sacramento’s Fox 40.
On Sept. 1, Elizabeth Salone, Dante's mother, asked Chaney to watch the children while she dropped her brother off at work at around 5:30 a.m. Salone, 28, told authorities that when she returned, she could hear one of the children crying. When she went to check on the kids, she saw Chaney beating the child with a hammer.
Chaney also attacked Salome, tying her up and dousing her with lighter fluid before stealing her cell phone, money, and car.

Chaney was on house arrest at the time of the incident. He cut off his ankle bracelet and fled to an Amtrak train heading to Salt Lake City, but was arrested in Nevada for an outstanding warrant in Nevada. He was reportedly found in a shed wrapped in a tarp.
Chaney was arraigned for murder, attempted murder, and performing lewd acts with a minor younger than 14 on Sept. 15.
To no surprise, Chaney has faced similar charges for other incidents such as rape, battery, assault, and lewd acts with a dependent.

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