Twitter Is Testing Doubling Tweet Characters + See How To Double It Now

27 September, 2017

The most fundamental rule for tweet posts on Twitter may be about to change. The social network announced yesterday,  it has started a small public test that allows a few of its users to go beyond the current 140 character limit for tweets, allowing them to go as high as 280 characters.

Twitter has put in exceptions for its 140 character limit over the years, most notably for direct messages, it has never allowed public tweets to go beyond that 140 character barrier.

Twitter stated that, according to its data, about 9 percent of its English users reach that character limit for tweets. That statistic suggests some users hit that upper barrier and may have edited their message so it can safely hit that 140 character limit.

Twitter also points out that in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, characters in those languages can actually convey as much as double the information compared to characters in English and other languages. In addition, the company’s data suggests that more people use Twitter if they don’t have to hit that 140 character barrier.

Even though it is now testing this new 280 character limit for tweets, Twitter does say that its fundamental goal of allowing people to express themselves quickly and to the point will never change.

Twitter users may have an “emotional attachment” to the current character limit as many may now have fallen in “love with this new, still brief, constraint.” There’s no word yet on when this change will be rolled out to all Twitter users.

If this change is actually made, it’s likely because Twitter wants to attract more users.

However there is a way for you to start enjoying the increased number of character right now

According to, follow these simple steps to increase your tweets capacity

  • 1. Download Tampermonkey for your browser of choice (Chrome webstore link)
  • 2. Visit this this Github repository and click the raw button to install the script
  • 3. Make sure the script in enabled in Tampermonkey and visit to tweet



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