We Are Not A Ponzi Scheme- TCC Refutes False Claims By Ibok Offiong

29 September, 2017

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OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE and Disclaimer to false claims by Mrs. Ibok Offiong.

The Trade Coin Club wishes to address a social media broadcast currently in circulation in Nigeria sponsored by an aggrieved investor, Mrs. Ibok Offiong, with username Jewelofnigeria, as false, baseless and its content with obvious unfounded claims. We are aware that Mrs. Ibok Offiong has employed the services of her allies and freelance bloggers to propagate these stories aimed at destroying the credibility of our company, its master distributor Mr. Joff Paradise and most particularly Ms. Adaego Ononuju, who represents the company’s interest in Nigeria and Africa.   

Proof/Evidence of Registration:
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Our company’s attention was called to messages originating from Mrs. Ibok Offiong and her accomplices with claims of Mrs. Ibok Offiong account been unjustly suspended by the Trade Coin Club – TCC, further claiming that she invested 40 bitcoin into our company, which is FALSE!!!!.

Just to clear the air, Mrs. Ibok Offiong was introduced to invest in the Trade Coin Club – TCC by Ms. Adaego Ononuju(Sponsor) and got signed up on our platform on the 8thJanuary 2017, accepting our company terms and conditions.

She only deposited a start-up investment of 0.25 and 4.8 Bitcoin between 8th and 9thJanuary 2017 in total of 5 Bitcoin($4,898) equivalent of N2,351,000 and not 40 Bitcoin as she claimed (her account overview attached as proof/evidence1 below) with dates and schedule of startup depositNo automatic alt text available.

She immediately signed 2 persons, which made her Binary qualified and afterwards automatically earning daily bonuses from her downlines’ efforts from their promotion of the business with her doing absolute nothing as she did admit to our Master Distributor on voice (Attached evidence 2 Audio)

From her financial extract, you can see that she compounded her earnings from trade generated by the company and also through efforts of her downlines month after month, within 90 days to add extra 35 bitcoin($63,000) equivalent of N23,940,000 to her trading capital, not re-investing but compounding internally generated gains. This clearly stands against her claims of investing 40 Bitcoin.

80% of her claimed investment was gotten from the bonuses she earned from trade, compensation plans gotten from our team building members.

All through her time of investment with the Trade Coin Club – TCC, Mrs. Ibok Offiong never signed up anyone else into the business besides the two persons but continually kept withdrawing her daily, weekly and monthly earnings/commission to the tune of 122 Bitcoins ($427,000) equivalent of N155,855,000(One Hundred and Fifty Five Million Naira). This stands against her claim that the Trade Coin Club – TCC is a scam.

These calculations have been done according the price of Bitcoin/Naira to Dollar rates as at the time of investment/liquidation.

Find attached copies of proof of trade, earnings and withdrawals of the same character who stated she was not interested in promoting the company but made 82 BTC on Team Bonus (Binary). Binary is achieved when a member sponsors at least two persons directly (Left and Right) and received compensation in Bitcoin from whatever financial activity which occurs within the team building up to the last generations also benefits you. A passive investor, as Mrs. Ibok Offiong claimed she was with the Trade Coin Club – TCC, will never earn/receive Direct Bonus, Indirect Bonus,Team Bonus and Residual Bonus.

Proof/Evidence 3 as attached below:

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Mrs. Ibok Offiong has been a beneficiary of the company’s FIVE main bonuses paid to our members who promote our amazing program (compensation plan) and has withdrawn most earning before her account got suspended.

Find below breakdown of her earnings and withdrawals:

1.          Direct Bonus (Startup Bonus),she made 6.34325371 Bitcoin between January-June,2017.


2.          Team Bonus (BinaryQualified),she made 82.28156556 Bitcoin between January-June,2017.


3.          Residual Bonus (monthly bonus),she made 2.07 Bitcoin between January-June,2107.



4.          Bonus Indirect, she made6.45663391Bitcoin within the period.


5.         Total Deposit (including compounding of the bonuses earned from others effort to her original out of pocket initial investment of5.05 btc) 40.05 bitcoin.


6.          Daily Receipts Trade (This is returns on bitcoin deposited outside bonuses for the referral), she made 25.59874714 bitcoin between January- June,2017. Everyone enjoys this whether or not you are building a team or just a passive investor. As claimed by Mrs. Ibok Offiong that she was a passive investor, this should have been her only legitimate benefit.


7.         Total withdrawal from her TCC account January-June 110.527848 Bitcoin (110.527848 @ $ 2500= $276,319.62).

Proof/Evidence 4 below stating same:

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Furthermore, we like to also state her total Earnings within the period of January to June 2017 until her account was suspended as:

Total Bonus (Startup, Team Bonus, Indirect, Residual) 97.15145318 bitcoin January-June 2017

Total Deposit from her personal pocket 5.05 bitcoin

Total Compounded from Bonuses made 35 bitcoin

Total Returns made from January-June 2017, 25.59874714 bitcoin

*Note 1 bitcoin was valued at $ 2500 as at June, 2017, all bitcoin earned till the date of her account suspension was calculated herein at this value*

Total Bonuses earned from Referral plus Trade Earnings sums up to 122.75020032 bitcoin (as attached evidence 5 below):
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The Trade Coin Club – TCC is a licensed and registered company which trades in cryptocurrencies with company headquarters in Belize and presence in over 126 countries around the world.  We are a long term company, reliable, dependable and transparent. Our office doors are wide open on appointments to investors to see our trading platform. In May 2017, a few Nigerians amongst other investors from around the world witnessed the official launch of our company in a grand event in Macau.

In the Trade Coin Club – TCC, We trade against the values of the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the coin market (www.coincap.io) sharing gains with investors daily in Bitcoin.

There is no member/investor currently on our platform that have not continually till date enjoyed the benefit of trading/investing with our company.

Our company terms and conditions clearly states that while in business with our company you CANNOT promote another company involved in cryptocurrency which Mrs. Ibok Offiong accepted/endorsed but breached !!!!.

The penalty for breach of this terms and condition as stated therein will be automatic suspension/closure of such accounts.

Below is an extract from the Trade Coin Club – TCC “Terms and Conditions” which Mrs. Ibok Offiong breached stating the obvious reason why her account had been suspended. (Terms & Condition Attached as Proof/Evidence below):

TCC received reports of an infraction to the Terms and Conditions.


Specifically, the information received indicates that you have engaged in

Recruiting active TCC user(s) into another Company and also promoting another trading company. This can clearly be seen on Mrs. Ibok Offiong Facebook page.


“These actions are a direct breach of the Terms and Conditions which you have

Previously accepted.

This noncompliant activity is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Additionally, these actions are deemed a violation of a separate contract, with reference to this matter, kindly note the following”:


6. Termination/Access Restriction.

Trade Coin Club reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your access to any or all Trade Coin Club Web Sites, back offices and related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice. 

Reasons for termination include but are not limited to:

Defamation, Slander or Libel of Trade Coin Club or other members


A. Joining another company that promotes digital or crypto currency products in Violation of these terms and conditions


B. Transmit, post, send, upload, distribute, submit or otherwise make available any content that is unlawful or infringes, violates or misappropriates any patent, trademark, trade identity right, trade secret, publicity right, privacy right, copyright or any other intellectual property or any other rights of any third party;


For those reasons above explained including proofs attached your account was Suspended.

In her bid to defend herself, she disregarded the Nigerian leadership of the Trade Coin Club – TCC and directly contacted Mr. Joff Paradise (Trade Coin Club – TCC Master Distributor) harassing & threatening him with claims of her innocence, non-violation of our Terms and Conditions, further claiming she is been victimized resulting to her account suspension. She further claimed that she was just a passive investor in the Trade Coin Club – TCC which was a blatant lie and never agreed to promote our company. (Attached Evidence 2- Audio)

Mrs. Ibok Offiong is a liar, vindictive and a cheap blackmailer. As already established above, it is clear that a passive investor in our company will never bother to sign up people to attain binary qualification.

Secondly, an investor with 5 Bitcoinor even 40 Bitcoincan never earn as much as 122 Bitcoins ($427,000) between January – June (6 months). We are not a Ponzi or get rich quick company, so such returns are unachievable as passive investors which she claims to be except by a Promoter (Networker) of the business. Mrs. Ibok Offiong never promoted the Trade Coin Club – TCC (as Attached (Evidence 2-Audio) but smartly and trickily conned her downlines into working for her and earning at the top without contributing to their team building.

The Trade Coin Club – TCC will never suspend investors’ accounts without established proof of breach of our company terms and conditions. In Mrs. Ibok Offiong’s case, she has continually and openly promoted numerous trading platforms including OneCoin, FutureNetand Control Finance which is failed Ponzi company (attached are proof  evidence 6 &6A below). We without doubt believe that a lot of vulnerable investors through her greed for money, authority and fame would have lost their hard earned money through some of these SCAM which she promoted and misled them into investing in.
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 This aggrieved lady (Mrs. Ibok Offiong) has deceitfully directly and indirectly lured innocent investors into investing in fraudulent companies like Control Finance (Proof/Evidence as reflected above)which has just gone bad recently eloping with investors funds, yet she has openly in the course of promoting these Ponzi companies called Bitcoin and Trade Coin Club – TCC a scam. This totally stands against our company ethics as reflected in our terms and conditions. 

She dissuaded investors from investing in Bitcoin or Trade Coin Club – TCC but yet earned a fortune from it while her disciples and vulnerable believers wailed and drowned in the Ponzi businesses she put them into while she made 122 Bitcoins ($427,000) as proceeds off her initial start-up investment of 5.05 Bitcoin($4,800) from our company.

Sad as it is, Mrs. Ibok Offiong has no reputation in the network marketing industry prior to her desperation for leadership at all cost, her arrogance, victimization, greed, blackmail and a long history of hijacking/stealing prospects from her downlines just to mention a few.

Our investigation has further shown that due to her continual deceit and deception, other companies (multi-level marketing) which she has been involved with in the past have blocked her accounts as well. On the basis of violating their company policies, Global Wealth Trade (GWT) and Total Life Change (TLC) have permanently blocked her accounts due to such misconducts. This information can be verified as true.

It is an expected civil practice to report such claims to the local financial authorities should there be genuine intent and proof of fraud against her rather than use social media as a judiciary to fight such a dishonest course.

Again her claim of not knowing the Trade Coin Club- TCC Nigeria office is totally unfounded and not true as our office address is all over the internet and no investor will actually invest such amount and not do her due diligence as to where the company offices are located in her country. Yet again, only gullible members of the public will believe such a hoax.

Trade Coin Club – TCC will not condone threats and further false claims by Mrs. Ibok Offiong and her allies. We herein state that Ms. Adaego Ononuju whom she has attacked on social media, in a verge of destroying her character has nothing to do with her account suspension. Her statements about Ms. Adaego Ononuju reflect jealousy, hate and an obvious intent to victimize her.

We as a company, Trade Coin Club – TCC and its leadership, will not be threatened or blackmailed by such a personality as Mrs. Ibok Offiong who has a horrible reputation of deceit, blackmail and a fraudster. Our company herein has attached a few copies of our pile of evidence to proof all that has been stated herein and will not fail to issue litigation proceedings as applicable in Nigeria and the International judiciary.

We hereby advise the citizenry of Nigeria, Africa and the entire network marketing community to always do their due diligence at every point and desist from contracting business with Mrs. Ibok Offiong.


Bassey Idiong

Publicist for Trade Coin Club – TCC Nigeria

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