AMVCA Fashion: The Hits and Misses

5 March, 2017

Without doubt, every award event is a chance for the attendees to go all out in their fashion. A lot of careers are made at these events as everyone wants to stand out when it comes to their fashion. Many attempt to be daring, breathtaking and adventurous. Of course at events of this nature, there are always fashion hit and misses as many desire to trend with their outfits. Here is our review of the nights glam.

We start with the best dresses of the evening.

I am not a fan of Toyin Aimakhun’s fashion sense but I have to say this ensemble is her best so far. The Cinderella-styled peach dress with the simple, elegant jewelries, golden belt and clutch coupled with the flawless hair and make up make this one of the best looks of the night.


This could easily be voted the best look of the evening (though I have a different preference for that award). Everything about this dress is outstanding. From the color to the design and tailoring, this dress is just perfect for Nana Akuaaddo’s skin tone and build. The sparkles on the dress wasn’t overwhelming but just right. Kudos to her make-up and hair stylists cos they just complimented the dress.


This Tony Tones’ dress is just wow. I love the color and I most of all respect that fact the designer didn’t add any accessories to the dress. It would have been too overwhelming because the fabric does look a bit heavy. The best accessory was the sweet heart neckline and Tony Tones nailed it with the hair, make-up and the minimalist jewelries. This outfit is definitely my best for the evening


And then there is Beverly Naya’s black sexy flowing gown. I don’t know if I like the color on her as it made her look like the black widow or something. On a light-skinned lady, this dress would have popped. However the cut is perfect for Beverly’s slender frame. Though her hair was on flick as always, the make-up could have had some color to brighten up the ensemble. Yet, this is still one of my favorites of the night


Elma Godwin in simply a vision in pink in this dress. You would think a hot pink, no-skin-showing, long sleeved flowing gown would be a nightmare right?. Not this one. It caught my eye immediately and Elma pulled it off exquisitely. The dress is almost simplistic but for the sleeves and that detailed design on the right side. Coupled with the Indian hair and make-up, Elma stood out for me in this ensemble.


This dress on Somkele Idhalama is all shades of right. The intricate cut, design, color, that high slit and how it clings to her body is just awesome. Though I think her make up is flawless, I am still not sold on the hair. It’s not bad but I think it did nothing for the dress. Also, her stylist needs a spanking for those unflattering shoes. I don’t care how much they cost or who’s the designer, it took away from the whole ensemble. However, this woman is so beautiful she pulled it off


My Zainab, the slay-nab, Balogun never misses. She know what works on her and she always appears so classy on the red carpet. With her signature short hair paired with the simple make-up and accessories, this heavily beaded brown dress was a vision for me. Plus I love the lacey shoes.


Then to the “Miss-es” of the evening

I start with Shirley Igwe’s dress. Nooooo sister, the bright yellow with her skin tone made her look so pale her face faded into the dress. Don’t let me start with that dress. The color is wrong, the silver highlights are off, the lace, the short-sleve, no no. The make-up made this look even worse and she could have easily won the worst dressed but someone bit her to it.


Rita Dominic is usually one of the best dressed on award nights but I am baffled at the rumpled dress. This dress could have easily been amazing but for it fabric. It wouldn’t let anyone appreciate the intricate design and tailoring. Maybe in a darker color, we may not have noticed but in this cream, it made her look like a hot mess. I love Rita but no, this outfit wasn’t it. Her make-up and hair didn’t help matters. In fact her ensemble feels incoherent. Love you Rita but don’t love the look


Eku Edewor falls into Rita’s category for me. I don’t know what look she was going for but she didn’t pull it off. The outfit is so lovely, in fact the tailoring and design is wonderful but sorry Eku I don’t think this dress is made for your body type. I keep imagining it on a fuller-bodied lady then it’ll pop. The make-up and hair are gorgeous though. Also loved the umbrella prop


Lolo hardly nails it on the red carpet before but this is an upgrade from all her other looks. Sadly, in comparison to other looks of the evening, this came up short. The hair and make up are really nice though.


Uche Jumbo’s dress was off in so many ways. First the wine-red suede fabric does nothing for her skin tone. It’s a figure hugging dress so should have worked for her luscious curves if not for that hideous design (I'll call it a cross cape). Though her make up was nice, it could have been better if it were lighter. Not feeling the bun hair.


Jennifer’s dress wasn’t bad but wasn’t spectacular either. I’d say her husband outshone her in the outfits. Her dress was nice but I don’t know if it worked for her. Maybe a waist trainer could have given it more contour (just saying). However, i love the hair and make up

As for the couples, what can I say. Olu Jacobs and Joke Silver so complemented each other in their outfits, you could feel the love between these two.

The Ajibade’s were definitely the best dressed couple of the night. Osas’ dress is just stunning with that high thigh slit. Wouldn’t have imagined that hair on that dress but it worked. Coupled with the make-up and an equally well-dressed boo, she was a lovely.

The Yummy Mummy award definitely goes to Adunni Ade who came with her adorable and impeccably dressed sons. Her dress was lovely but those boys made her look oh-so-spectacular


The award for the miss of the night goes to no one but Nancy Isime. Seriously girl, that dress on a night like this looked so tatty. The outfit was well tailored alright especially the long coat; the dress which showed off her long legs was nice but this wasn’t the event for this kind of outfit. Even if she had decided on this outfit, the dress could have been longer and she could have tried a wig. If you could forgive the outfit, the blond low-cut hair just made it look bad.

However just imagine a silver or golden skinny belt on that coat, showing off her legs still but giving it a more conservative, elegant and more occasion-appropriate look. Just a thought

Finally these three ladies did great with their outfits. Chioma Akpota’s looked like a model in that dress which so suits her slender frame. The tailoring of Mercy Johnson Okojie’s dress was impeccable though the out felt a little too corporate (maybe it’s the fabric) and then Lilian Esoro as always looked great but not as good as last year’s AMVCA. Haven’t gotten over that dress even with her pregnant self.


So that’s my review. I am not a fashion blogger but I think I know what looks nice on people (I guess lol ). What do you think? Please give me your thoughts

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