Nicky Minaj Responds Remy Ma's Diss Track

10 March, 2017

After several days of radio silence in her war with Remy Ma, the wait for Nicki Minaj’s official response is over. Nicki Minaj has finally addressed Remy Ma’s “SHETHER” diss track, which many people said obliterated the self-described Barbie.

Titled “No Frauds,” the Murda Beatz-produced track also features rap kingpins Lil Wayne and Drake, and clearly responds to Remy’s diss track and its poorly received follow-up, “Another One.”

The new single is the first Minaj has released since her feud with Ma reached a boiling point last month. On Feb. 25, Remy dropped a seven-minute-long song in which she accused Minaj of everything from plastic surgery to infidelity.

The track comes as part of a three-song release that Minaj dubbed a #3PackFromParis. She also released “Regret In Your Tears” and “Changed It” featuring Wayne.

“You can’t be Pablo if your work ain’t sellin’/ What the fuck is this bitch inhalin’?/ I would’ve helped you out that pit you fell in/I am the generous Queen! Ask Ms. Ellen/ Tried to drop ‘Another One,’ you was itchin’ to scrap/ You exposed your ghostwriter, now you wish you were scrapped.”

It only gets more vicious from there.

The next few bars find Minaj dropping seething lines about Drake laughing at Remy’s attempt to go “Back To Back” and questioning Remy’s integrity. “Heard your pussy on ‘Yuck,'” she spits. “I guess you needed a pap/ What type of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rack?/ What type of mother leave her one son over a stack?/ Lil Boogie down basic bitch thinkin’ she back/ Back to back, oh you mean, back to wack?/ ‘Back to Back?’ Me and Drizzy laughed at that.”

She then goes on to assure her listeners that album sales, in fact, do make a difference and denies she ever signed a 360 deal, as Remy alleged in “SHETHER.”

“They say numbers don’t matter,” she continues. “But when they discussin’ the kings/ They turn around and say LeBron ain’t got six rings/ I never signed a 360, bitch you wild dumb/ That’s why Jay ain’t clear his verse for your album.”

Finally, Minaj seemingly touches on the risqué, less-than-flattering photo of her that Remy posted to Instagram, alluding she has ammo in her arsenal as well. “Shanaynay, you a fraud committin’ perjury,” she raps. “I got before and after pictures of your surgery/ Rah took you to her doc, but you don’t look like Rah/ Left the operating table, still look like ‘nah.'”


The fued between these two ladies started when Remi Ma released her diss track. fans speculated that the song was a response to lyrics Minaj spits in two new singles — Gucci Mane’s “Make Love” and Jason Derulo’s “Swalla” — that were allegedly about her. (Others guessed that the lyrics were actually directed at another rival, Azealia Banks.)

Ma, 36, rose to fame after offering a verse to the 2004 Fat Joe and Terror Squad hit “Lean Back.” In 2008, she went to prison after being convicted for assault, illegal weapon possession and attempted coercion; she was released six years later in 2014 and cemented her comeback with her latest Fat Joe collab “All the Way Up,” which was nominated for two Grammys this year.

As it turns out, Ma’s beef with Minaj, 34, began before she was behind bars. As Rolling Stone previously reported, their feud has been ongoing for years. Minaj seemingly blasted Ma on her track “Dirty Money” off a 2007 EP, in which she raps, “Tell that bitch with the crown to run it like Chris Brown” while sampling one of Ma’s Terror Squad songs “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” And after Ma was released from prison, she freestyled over Minaj’s 2014 hit “Truffle Butter.”

Ma recently told Buzzfeed she was “not particularly proud” of slamming Minaj in “Shether.” but after this, she may find her fire has been reignited and might just want to jump back in the ring.

Meanwhile here is a link to “Nicky Minaj’s No Fraud”  and tell me what you think


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