How To Prepare Your House For The Rainy Season

12 March, 2017

The rainy season is almost upon us with reports of steady rains, already, in some coastal areas of Nigeria like Port Harcourt and Lagos. In my estimation we will start having steadier rainfall by the tail end of this week.

If you’re like me, I am sure you hate all the “wahala” that comes with the rainy season, like the wet and muddy environment.

 To avoid having these situations entering your home I have put down the checks and things I do just before the rainy season starts in earnest.

Clear Your Drainages

 Image result wey dey for refuse dumped in gutter In some areas people are fond of dumping refuse in the gutters. Some burn the refuse but the fact still remains that the burnt or even half burnt items can still clog up your drainage. In other cases windblown polythene bags and swept out things can also get in your gutters and drainage channels. Clear your drainage to avoid flooding your compound.

If you can, gently educate your neighbors and streets or area about the dangers of flooding so that you all can pitch into the effort. Flooding hardly affects just one single compound.


Treat Algae To Avoid Slip and Fall.

Some compounds with cemented grounds will have green algae growing on them once the rain starts. These things are very slippery and have caused broken limbs and hips. Take around N2,000 to any agro allied shop and purchase herbicides for them.

Image result wey dey for green algae on cement floor Remember enquire as to the correct way to apply it on cemented grounds. If you can, engage the services of a professional to come apply it for you.


Repair Roofs

This is far and above the most important step to take in preparing for the season. Leaking roofs can mess up a house ceiling, leaving brown stains and can cause water damage on furniture as well as electronics.

Get a roofer or you can buy a N 1,000 flash band and repair leaking roofs yourself. Be careful while climbing the roof, use reliable ladders and always have someone around while doing so, in case of any unforeseen emergencies. Have some flash bands in reserve in case you didn’t get all leakages in the roof the first time.

In case of extensive damage, please get a professional roofer to do the job.


Re-Plaster Walls That Soak

Some walls allow water to soak through it to the inside of the house. It makes a mess of your interior wall paints. This soaking occurs because of cracks on the wall, incorrect cement:sand ratio of the plastering paste or from water pooling on the outside of the wall.

Image result wey dey for water damaged wall paint  Use “waterproof” cement in re-plastering the affected wall, fill in cracks with cement, create a drain for the water that normally pools there.

The water proof cement is available at all building materials market near you. If you don’t have money for the water proof cement get an experienced mason to help you mix up a good paste that’ll d the job.


Replace Broken louvers or Windows Pane or Alummaco

Image result wey dey for cracked window glassGlass Louvers, window panes and alummaco glasses may have broken or cracked during the dry season or just by accident. Get them replaced to avoid slapping or wind borne rain drops getting into your house. The alummaco setup has a rubber that holds the glass in place and keeps water out, check and replace it if it has cracked or is misshapen


Create Water Channels Away From Walls And Under Doors

Image result wey dey for mercury level rulerSome new work or the topography around you may have re directed water to some parts of your house or doors. Test with water or the mercury level to ensure you didn’t redirect water to your house. Create water channels away from your door, open up water hole in your fence to allow water escape your compound.


Foot Mats For The House Interiors And For Outside

Image result wey dey for foot matsGet perforated rubber foot mats for just outside your house so that you and your family don’t track water and mud specks into your home. Also provide absorbent cloth mat for your home interior incase the rubber outside didn’t quite get all the moisture off you feet

Image result wey dey for foot mats.

The mats go for between N 800 to N 2,300 depending on size and quality. Just get the one you can afford


Get Mud Scrappers For Shoes

Image result wey dey for shoe mud scrapperMud scrappers will save your shoe and save you water when cleaning cloggy mud from shoes. Invest in it, you won’t regret it.


Make Racks To Hang Out Wet Shoes And Cloths.

Position it in such a way that its accessible before you get into the house, while its raining, but also so that rain won’t fall on it. Train you family members how to use it appropriately and on how to do it for their visitors.


Okay, these are my tit bits for getting ready for this rainy season. I hope you find it helpful too. You can do more or less depending on what you need.


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