"Timi Dakolo Is A Lazy Thief, A Small Kid" Majek Fashek

15 March, 2017
Image result wey dey for Majek Fashek + timi dakolo  According to Majek Fashek, Timi Dakolo ia a lazy thief, who exposed himself for not writing his own songs.
He went further to say that he, Timi, is a small kid, that he (majek) writes his own song and stealing songs don't happen where he comes from.
Recall that fashek had made similar allegations sometime last year, when he said that Timi had taken advantage of his ill health to use his song without permission, an accusation Timi showed was false as he provided proof of actually paying for rights to use the said song.
So what is Majek Fashek referring to this time around?
Is a beef about to start again between majek fashek and timi dakolo?

( source: ezzyplanettv)

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