How To Prepare Your Car For The Rainy Season

18 March, 2017

How to prepare your car for the rainy season

 As we leave the dry season to enter the rainy season, some people may forget that weather changes wreck subtle havoc on vehicles.

Due to that our seasonal elements do not vary widely, changes/damages on the car due to them are hardly noticeable, but they do occur.

These small damages result in major cost damages over time.

To keep your car in tip top shape for as long as possible and avoid spending on them due to these damages now and later, you need to make sure that they are avoided by taking these steps during the transition from dry season to rainy season.

Most important is your windscreen wipers, CHANGE IT NOW. I am of the opinion that the ones in the market now can’t survive the heat of the dry season, so even if it still looks good, change it and keep it as a spare.

Image result for windscreen wipers

Okay now onto the interiors

1.         Replace tattered floor mats

Tattered floor mats can occur due to the extreme dryness of the harmattan or just from usage. They will allow rain water, tracked in from outside during the rains, to soak your car floor rugs resulting in foul odour and rust. Replace tattered one with new rubber ones that curve upwards at the edges to keep in water when it’s tracked in.Image result for tattered car  mats

2.         Get a clean hand towel

Keep a clean hand towel in the car to use in wiping off rain droplets that get into the car. These droplets can come in when you rush into the car during rains or from rolled down windows during the rains. Rain discoloration or water damage on door mats can be irritating. A handy towel will help you avoid it. The towel can also be used to wipe off condensed moisture on interior of windscreens during the rain if you’re A.C is not on.

3.         Replace dried out, broken or cracked rubber water seals around your windscreens, doors, door windows and booth.Related image

       This will keep water away from where they are not supposed to be. Consult a panel beater to seal any leaking places on the body of your car, if any.

4.         Replace cracked or broken mirrors, windows or windscreens.Image result for cracked windscreen

Rain water may get in through cracked or broken glass components of your car. As for mirrors, you need as many options to see around you as you can get, during the rains, so please get them taken care of.

5.         Clean you’re A.C filter

A dirty filter mixed with moist air will reduce the efficiency of your A.C and will spoil the filter quickly.

      It is, normally, located behind the Glove compartment on the passenger side. Just gently but firmly remove the compartment to access it.
Image result for car a.c filter        Image result for car a.c filter      Image result for car a.c filter

Take it to be air blown clean by a vulcanizer, if you use A.C in the car. Replace it exactly how you found it. Take note of air flow direction written on it. .


1.         Check your booth for rust

Image result for rusted car booth

Raise the mat in your boot to check for rust. If you find any, treat with anti-rust. If the damage is extensive that it to your panel beater, trust me, it will be better fixed now. It will only get worse with the rainy season. Remember to insist on applying anti-rust after your panel beater is done fixing it.

Image result for anti rustImage result for anti rust

2.         Get a jumper cables

Image result for jumper cables

Car batteries develop problems more during rainy seasons, a jumper cable will become useful when a good samaritan happens by with a good battery that you can use. You may wonder why you can’t just use the good battery to start your car directly and then put it back in his own with your engine running?

. you may not have the right tools to get the battery out in the first place.

. you may not want the dirt that comes with moving the battery.

. you may not be conversant with how to perform the battery move with engine on

. the car with the good battery may be the type that its security will get activated with battery removal.

Image result for jumper cables

Bottom line help yourself avoid stress where you can.

3.         Make sure your jack and wheel spanners are in good working order

4.         Make sure your tool box is complete. Replace missing tools, you never know when that’ll come in handy.


1.         Replace weak batteries before they give out on you, don’t get stranded.

2.         Get new replacement spark plugs.

Image result for spark plugs

Cars not starting in the morning but has its engine turning over with ignition start is more than not a plug problem. A new one will save you time and money. They get slightly more expensive in rainy season and calling a mechanic for home service is not cheap. The pug spanner comes with a complete tool box, just learn how to change it now, its easy. Google it for video tutorial.

3.         Clean your air filter

Image result for engine air filter      Image result for engine air filter

Take it to a vulcanizer for air blown cleaning.

4.         If your car overheated any time during the dry season, as most cars are wont to do, your engine performance may have depreciated, it probably has increased its petrol consumption. Take it to your mechanic, as far as its still moving you may just need to change your top gasket seal, it will save you much in fuel economy.


1.         Get mud flaps

Image result for car mudguard

Put in mud flaps or replace damaged ones. They keep moist mud from getting into crevices where they aid rust.

2.         Replace damaged tyre hub rubber covers to stop mud flipping off speeding tyres getting into the car body

Image result for car tyre mud protector     Image result for car tyre mud protector

3.         Repair or replace cracked headlights, trafficator and back light glasses. They’ll stop moisture getting into the lights and spoiling their reflector surfaces.

Image result for cracked headlight

4.         Have your panel beater check underneath your car for damages. If there’s rust damage have him fix it and treat with anti rust.

Image result for rust car booth   Related image

5.         Re grease greased parts. They keep friction low in addition to sealing out moisture thus preventing rust.

6.         Replace rubbers, bushens and brake pads that may have worn out. Rubbers and bushens may have become bad due to excessive heat and dryness in the dry season,


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