Conclusion: How to Prepare Your Car For The Rainy Season

18 March, 2017

1.         . Have your mechanic check your brake and power steering hydraulic systems too

Image result for car power steering       Image result for car hydraulic system

2.         Tyres. Retread your tyres if they’ve worn down and you can’t afford to buy new ones yet. Better still buy new tyres to replace old onesif you can.

        Image result for tyre tread depth gauge
Image result for tyre retreading   Image result for tyre retreading


Its time to re adjust your driving style too.

1.         Start practicing the habit of leaving a good 7 to 10 meters of space between you and the car in front of you. It helps when you have to brake in slippery or extremely wet conditions. You’ll have enough space not to hit the car in front of you.

Image result for braking distances

2.         Take note and remind yourself where deep potholes are on your regular routes. Form a habit of avoiding them even if you don’t see them. It will help when the rains come and the whole road gets covered by water including the pot hole.

      Image result for car in pothole

3.         Remind yourself not to speed into water puddles during the rains.

 This is a comprehensive write up of all you need to do to prepare your car for the coming season. Please note that somethings here may not apply to your car or some parts may still be in good conditions in your car, don’t proceed to change them, its just a waste of money.

Note also that all this does not take the place of your regular scheduled maintenance. So still do that too.



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