Must-Read: My Hotel Experience at Owerri, Imo State

28 March, 2017
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Last weekend was my first time in Owerri, Imo State. I wasn’t expectant because the road leading into the city wasn’t exactly appealing (like most south eastern roads). When we finally made it into the city, I was so tired I barely took notice of its similarities or contrasts to Enugu.

Using Google map (my able travel companion), we found our hotel with ease being that it was at the center of town. Immediately we drove in my mood changed. I was immediately elated.

Starting from the security men at the gate to the ladies at the reception, it was all smiles and greetings. I kept looking over my shoulder to see who they were all greeting with such excitement, maybe some politician or superstar. It was me. They didn’t know me from Adam but they received me and my family like we were royalties. Same treatment was given to my colleagues as they each arrived.

The grounds were immaculate. The door man, porters, elevator attendant (bellboys) and other staff we met were all impeccably dressed though it was evening. The elevator ride was smooth unlike most hotels these days and our room at the fifth floor was really lovely. It was compact yet had everything. My favorite feature was the shower faucet. It was so simple to use unlike many other hotels that get complicated ones to impress guests (and then you scald yourself with hot water trying to use it)

The view was heavenly. You can imagine that Owerri government house roundabout from five stories high at night. It was a sight to behold.

In the evening we had dinner at the restaurant. It was a special service called African night. Now I have slept in many hotels both here in Nigeria and outside the country and I can tell you hotel food isn’t always the best. It’s rare to find a hotel with good services that include tasty cuisine. However, this hotel had it. The starter was goat meat pepper soup, mmmmmh heavenly. The main course we chose was snow rice with chicken source and then cow leg…wow. Even the desert station was lovely with different kinds of fruits on display

I’m not a fan of very hard bed so I wasn’t sold on theirs however my family especially my husband was ok with the orthopedic bed so that could be a plus.

In the evening the second day after my meeting, my daughter couldn’t stop talking about the stroll she took with her dad. She told me of the pool (which I didn’t know existed). My husband also told me he enjoyed the gym facilities (I didn’t know existed as well). In order not to be left out, my husband took me for a night out by the pool. We had nice soft music with a few drinks plus the view and cool breeze. It was perfect.

By the time we left the third day, we were all feeling bad for leaving. We had a great stay.

Lest I forget, here are two things that moved me about this hotel. As we were going for dinner the night we arrived, the elevator attendant (bellboy) asked my 5 year old what her room number was. She screamed out "517!!". He explained to us that it was a routine so if a child gets lost, they can easily bring the child back to his/her room. I have never experienced this before. I almost hugged him for caring for my babies.

Secondly, on the morning we were leaving, as I stepped out of the hallway i heard two cleaners arguing in low tones about something. It sounded serious. However, immediately they noticed our presence, they kept quiet,composed themselves and greeted us with a wide smiling asking to know if we had enjoyed our stay. That was spectacular for me. In this country, we don't care too much about impressions. so it was refreshing to know staff here cared so much about the image of their workplace they put their differences and discomforts aside to do the right thing. This for me was when I gave this hotel bigggggg thumbs up.

Finally, as we were leaving we had a flat tyre so my husband decided to change it. In the 15 minutes he was working on it, over 4 members of staff came to him asking if they could help. From the security guys, to one of the porters and a maintenance man. None meeting the other but just prompted to help a guest. Another huge thumbs up.

Now you are wondering which hotel this is. It’s the ROCKVIEW HOTEL, Owerri, Imo State

So next time you are in Owerri, go check it out.

Trust me you'll enjoy staying there as much as i did.

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