TAKE NOTE: Don't Give Up

30 March, 2017

I have come across a lot of people, young men and women, who were on the verge of giving up just because they have not realized their dreams yet.

Most hurtful is when they point out their classmates or age mates who are "doing well" and say
" why am i not doing well?"
"i did and am doing everything right but it just is not working out"

Another hurtful scenario is when they go into the same venture as others and these others grow leaving them in the dust. I admit at such times, even I struggle to find the right words. I have learnt that in some cases there is something these people are doing right that another 'unsuccessful' person is doing wrong.

In such case I say, "go and study the other person, learn and apply to your situation" or "Don't do something the same way and expect a different result, Get innovative! Think out of the box!!"

I am not naïve. The solution to these things are not that simple however solutions start with a resolve to do things differently.

So PERSEVERE, don't give up on that dream just yet!!!
If it becomes overwhelming, take a break, refocus then come back with fresh ideas and get to work.

This picture shows some people who seemed like they would never make it, but they did. Find your inspiration here now.

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