Hot Topic: Runs-Girl Vs Good Girl

10 February, 2017
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I believe everyone knows the euphemism ' the runs-girl' but for those of us a little unclear about it, let me define it-


A runs-girl is that girl/woman who engages in an arrangement wherein she provides services, which are predominantly sexual in nature, in exchange for financial benefits. 


You may ask the difference between a runs girl and a prostitute? Well, it's in the kind of service provided and the mode of payment. The service of a prostitute in just the sexual act and payment is mostly cash. 


However a runs-girl can give you the girlfriend experience, can be your escort, can be a personal assistant or any other persona you so desire and payment can vary from granting favors to cash.


A good girl on the other hand is one who does things the ' right way', she follows mum's advice, doesn't engage sexually till she's married, most often doesn't smoke, drink nor go clubbing, doesn't stay out late, doesn't miss Sunday church service, is studious and helps out in the house. You get the picture?!! 


Most good girls are termed wife material 100%, lol.


Now this brings us to the reason for today's hot topic!!!!

Why does it seem these runs-girls are getting married faster than the good girls?


The trend I've observed is that they get married earlier to the more desirable guys and have children anyhow, lol while the good girls ( the so-called wife materials) wait for husbands.


Please observe that I m not saying that the runs-girl gets a better marriage but it seems a higher percentage of the runs girls get into better and more fulfilling marriages than the good ones.


My question is when did the norm change? How come the men seem to prefer the runs girl to the good girl? Though most men would tell you they want a good girl as a wife, they often knowingly opt for a girl with a questionable history.


Now to a more personal question -

·       As a good girl if you encounter these runs-girls with seemingly happier family lives, would you raise your daughter to still toe the good girl line?


·       As a runs girl whose hustle finally landed her in a cozy marital and financial setting, would you raise your daughter in your ways?


This question has occupied my mind many at times, so please give me your honest and no forming, no holds bar answer, lol.


And to a parting question!!!

As a good girl in this our day and age, seeing these runs girls having fun, getting things they desire just like that, getting away with brazen acts with seemingly no consequences, getting married before their 'good girl' mates etc have you ever really and deeply considered turning bad?


Lets talk about this

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