BoxOffice: Have You Seen "SHOTS FIRED"?

4 April, 2017

I love Sanaa Lathan. Saw her first in “Love and Basketball” and have been a fan since. Her acting is as real as it gets. She brings so much emotion to her characters you can’t help but connect with them. So you can understand my excitement about this new show, Shots Fired.

Shots Fired is an American ten-part drama television series broadcast on Fox. The series premiered just two weeks ago on March 22, 2017

After an unarmed white man is shot in a traffic stop by an African-American police deputy, the Justice Department opens an investigation. The investigator played by Sanaa Lathan and special prosecutor played by Stephan James, while studying the shooting, learn that the police are ignoring the murder of an African-American teenager.

So far, its aired only two episodes. I’ve seen them and I cant wait for more

Sanaa Lathan as Ashe Akino, an expert investigator

Stephan James as Preston Terry

Helen Hunt as Patricia Eamons, the Governor of North Carolina


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