#PeoplesForum: The Rights of HouseMaids

11 April, 2017
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Today on #PeoplesForum, we talked about the rights of housemaids in a home.

Many do not realize that children who live our homes as maids have rights as much as we have responsibilities towards them as stipulated by the law (child Rights Act 2003) which has been domesticated and is being implemented in several states across Nigeria

Read and download the child rights act here

Not reporting cases of child abuse makes us complacent. Therefore, report these cases to the nearest police station, any human rights office in your state, NAPTIP, Ministry of gender affairs (the social welfare division) or send an a mail to info@fabulosgloria.com or write on the email platform on the homepage of this website.

Please send me details, if possible with pictures as proof of abuse and we’ll direct it to the necessary agency for investigate on and appropriate action

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