Loss of Eric Arubayi: An Important lesson on drug administration in a flawed health system

13 February, 2017
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  How can taking a medication for a simple ailment like malaria be the cause for mourning. Well that the story which trails the untimely death of gospel singer, Eric Arubayi

According to close friends, Eric died following the consumption of a presumed fake drug which was intended to treat malaria he had complained of.

While details of his demise aren’t immediately clear, there are questions surrounding the circumstances surrounding his death

·       Had he been diagnosed of malaria by a qualified doctor/health practitioner or was it a case of self assessment?

·       Who administered the drug: Delta State teaching hospital or he took it himself?

·       If he bought and took it himself, was it prescribed by a doctor?

·       Most importantly did he or the person who administered the drug look at the expiration date before use?

Eric Arubayi’s death is so painful but it will be in vain if we don’t at least gain insight and knowledge that will ensure no one dies untimely in similar fashion.

Though it is unclear who and how the drug was administered to him, we can at least keep these points close to heart when taking any medication

·       Before taking any drug for even the minutest ailment, make sure you talk to a doctor/health expert even if it’s over the phone. Get expert advice

·       Before taking any drug, make sure the drug you are about to take is the right treatment for your ailment

·       Before allowing any health practitioner to administer any drug to you or your loved ones, ask what they are giving you. If they refuse to tell you, then you shouldn’t let them give you that drug. It’s your RIGHT to know what drug is being administered to you and WHY. If possible, use your phone and google the drug to know more about it

·       ALWAYS check the expiration date of any drug before taking it. Read about the dosage as well or get the correct prescription for it

·       If you notice anything weird about a drug or it is expired, please report such a pharmacy to NAFDAC at least or any relevant authority. Remember to keep the receipt of your purchase to prove where you bought it. Please let’s report because someone else may fall victim to it.


A 2015 NOIpoll (which is a country-specific polling system) revealed that 18% of Nigerians have been victims of fake and expired medication. Sadly Eric Arubayi may be counted as one of the unfortunate victims of this.  

Eric Arubayi was West African idol 2007 3rd runner up and a gospel singer

He is survived by his wife, a son, three siblings and his parents, his father being former Delta state University Vice Chancellor.


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