My Books: Rules Of life By Richard Templar

20 April, 2017

Rules Of Life: a personal code for living a better, happier, more successful life.

This book is unique.

If I am to really say, this book started years (maybe around 50 years) before it was published. It is unique in that not many books can be said to be truly an author’s life’s work. This book is just that.

It embodies templar’s life experiences, his lifelong and extensive study of human nature and his unbiased rendition of what life responds to.

Okay forget the above grammar, lol, but given his style of simplistic writing that’s the only way I can describe how I understand it.

The author’s study of human nature, that culminated to this book, started when as a child he’d accompany his grandmum to work in a departmental store. Since at that time kids were not allowed to be at work with their guardians, he was hidden under the table of his grandmum’s stand.

From there he watched people going about their everyday lives. This became a habit and second nature to him. He carried it through his life, observing and noting, till at the right time, he used all he had gathered to write this book and several others.

In this book, he wrote that through his observation, the world is made up of two types of people (simplistic, I know but still realistic)

1.  Successful people

2.  Struggling people

Now his definition of successful people is traditional actually- he said they are happy people, content people, people whom life’s challenges do not defeat, is all a game that should be played and won, people who know how to bounce back from set backs, people with vibrant personalities and who attract others around them, attract favour and luck, who actually get things done and who bring sunshine and happiness wherever they go.

The struggling people are the opposite of the successful ones. By this definition which one are you?

Anyway he wrote that successful people, through his observation, have certain things in common amongst them.

He called them the rules of life.

He wrote that these rules are actually everywhere to see but that they are hard to recognize and harder to follow.

He wrote that successful people tend to follow MOST of these rules knowingly or unknowingly. He called these people “the rule players”.

He categorized these rules of life into four groups

-     Personal rules

-     Partner or spousal rules

-     Family and friend rules

-     Social ( community and work) rules

You may notice that I have not written about books for a while now.


Well to tell you the truth, there are not many books that have inspired me personally. So you can now understand when I tell you that if you read it you will most likely feel the difference I felt when I read it.

Take time read it well, understand the various categories and try to put it into practice.

Join me in trying to become successful



Sidebar-I have also decided to find his other books to read so I can have a fuller picture of how Richard Templar saw life. You can read them up too and let’s compare notes, okay!

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