BoxOffice: Have You Seen "Billions"

24 April, 2017

This series #Billions is currently in Season 2 episode 10 and I can’t help myself. It’s one of those shows designed for people like me who love intrigue, strategies and highly intelligent plots plus beautiful acting.

What fascinates me most about this show is that it mixes some of my favorite components in life: wealth (you can’t be surprised at this), quest for justice, power play, the desire to always win, technology and beautiful people.

It features an actor I have never really taken seriously, Damien Lewis. He starred in Life and Homeland (seasons 1 & 2), didn’t impress me there but in Billions, he won me over.

As the villainous character Bobby Axelrod, he embodied the narcissistic, pompous, must-have-his-way money making machine that honestly you learn to admire and even aspire to be like (now imagine being so good at being bad, you become a inspiration). That’s some acting

Also this show features one actress I fell in love with after I saw her in “Sons Of Anarchy”. Maggie Siff plays a delicate role as Wendy Rhodes who happens to be an uncommon bridge between the two main opposing characters Bobby and the DA determined to bring him down, Chuck Rhodes.

Biko, No more grammar just see Billions. You’ll duff your hat for this show.



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