Exclusive: Meet Ifeanyi Ede, a budding car maker

16 February, 2017


Yesterday I had the opportunity of meeting a remarkable young man named Ifeanyi Ede Emmanuel. He built a two passenger internal combustion engine vehicle. As much as this is not a new invention, the story behind this young man’s car is remarkable.

Ifeanyi Ede who lacks formal training on vehicle manufacture says it cost him N150,000 to build the car over a period of six months.

What was his inspiration? According to him, He simply dreamt it, then he built it.

To experience his creation and listen to the full chat I had with him click here…

https://youtu.be/d0VuNKFFqIo Or go to my "Videos" category and view it

Imagine what would happen if a young man like this, is empowered through mentorship, finance, more education and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Meanwhile, just last month a young man from IMT, Enugu built a full size iron man suit. Last week another south eastern youngster built a ready for market battery powered charcoal cooking stove. All these bring me hope for the Nigerian youth.

I see a new generation of young people about to take us on a ride of industrial empowerment. The fact that all these are coming up in this recession is a testament to the power of a challenged youthful mind. Let us support them in any capacity we are able to.


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