Singlophobia: What are you willing to do to find love?

16 February, 2017
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Singlophobia, though not in the dictionary, is a word coined out of "single" and "phobia". This simply means the fear of being single.

This is a very valid and serious issue in our society. Mostly believed to be suffered by women, singlophobia is most seen during celebrations such as Valentine, wedding parties and reunions of any kind where everyone wants to know who you are with

Whether you are a man or woman, there comes a time in your life when you just want someone to call your own. Even if you are not ready to settle down, many want stable relationships at a certain stage in their lives

For women in these parts, singleophobia is so real they dabble into unwanted relationships or refuse to leave abusive ones for fear of being alone.

So on Hot topics today, let’s talk about “Singlophobia”. The questions are

Are you afraid of being single? Why?

Is it such a terrible thing to be single?

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