#PeoplesForum: Learn To Write

9 May, 2017
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On my show, Peoples Forum, today, I had the pleasure of having guests who talked on addressing an issue close to my heart. On the lifestyle section of this website, I write about books. I am of the opinion that reading books impact greatly on our lives. Aside from the entertainment aspects of some books, they are generally a vast repository of knowledge.

One thing I found that has discouraged me about books is when they are not well written. Like most young people, and being Nigerian, I find lengthy and grammatically complex books tiresome to read, if the book is not well researched, in addition, I really get pissed.

My guests on the show today, Nnaemeka Ezeme Charles (Nani boi) and Sampson Ukwu, brought a summit to the south east that aims to help writers write better. It is intended to help latent writers put pen to paper, it intends to help guide writers to express themselves in that their own unique style while not losing their readers and for those who think that their writing will just be an unpublished manuscript, the summit promises to show you ways to get published with, according to them, less than N5,000.

Naniboi is an acclaimed prolific children's book author and Sampson Ukwu is an international writer.

 Details of the summit is on the flier below

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