#PeoplesForum: DPR Enugu Gives Out Complaint Number

10 May, 2017
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On PeoplesForum, Tuesday 9th May, 2017, I had the pleasure of having the Manager Operations , Department Of Petroleum Resources, Enugu, Mr Ahmed Gwaram as a guest.

We spoke at length about the department, what they do and their guidelines.

He told me that the department regulates everything that has to do with the distribution of petroleum products from the filling stations, that is

-     The siting of filling stations

-     Ensuring product quality control compliance

-     Ensuring product quantity control compliance

In my discussion with him, I learnt that filling stations are not to be sited willy-nilly, that each has to get DPR approval before establishment with an unshakable caveat of not being sited in a residential area.

In addition to DPR approval, the station must also be approved by the state Fire Service, the town planning authority and others.

He revealed that the DPR Enugu has jurisdiction over stations in Enugu, Anambra and Ebonyi States.

He gave out a number to call in the event of

-wrongly sited filling stations, that is, sited in residential areas

- being dispensed/sold adulterated products

-when the quantity of products dispensed to you is not correct (shorting) or the metering pump has been tampered with.

The number is 08033117125, Ahmed Gwaram, Manager Operations, Department of Petroleum Resources.

Their website is www.dpr.gov.ng

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