Budgets: Which Sectors Require Most Attention

17 February, 2017
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This question always comes up during budget seasons. Though it’s as old as time, we’ll keep asking and speaking our views in hopes that relevant authorities and institutions pay attention

Haven seen up close (as a journalist) how government works, I am not naïve in thinking governors can allocate money to whatever they want due to apparent scarce resources. However, I am aware that they prioritize based on information they get from their advisers or reps from different constituencies

I also have found out that leaders respond to public outcry and massive public request. That’s why we keep letting our voices be heard

Enugu state recently passed its state budget. In the next few weeks other states in the federation will be passing theirs

In today’s hot topic, we are asking

Which sectors should your government give priority attention in this year’s budget?

Go ahead and let’s talk about it

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